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Everything you need to know about Fenix headlamps

Don’t use a flashlight when a headlamp will be twice as nice! From running and jogging to exploring the depths of a forgotten cave, headlamps illuminate your surroundings while leaving your hands free to work and play.

Fenix offers a wide variety of headlamps designed for hobbyist and professional users alike, realizing the needs and demands vary greatly. If you’re looking to grab a new Fenix headlamp for your gear but need some help navigating your choices, look no further. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Fenix’s different headlamps to help you buy with confidence. Let’s dive in!

Fenix HL Series Headlamps

Fenix’s HL headlamp series features an extensive lineup of lightweight and compact headlamps ideal for active sports like running and cycling, camping, emergency backup, home repair and other general uses.

Many headlamps in this line also include an “R” designation in their model name, like the HL60R, which indicates the headlamp includes built-in charging.

For more active users, you can’t go wrong with options like the Fenix HL12R, HL26R or HL32R headlamps which all maximize comfort while still providing plenty bright outputs. The HL12R and HL32R both offer secondary red outputs (a must-have if maintaining night vision is important to you) while the HL26R gives you the choice of spot or floodlight.

If you need something more powerful, the Fenix HL60R headlamp offers the performance of a full-size headlamp while utilizing a single 18650 to balance comfort.

Fenix HM Series Headlamps

Although there’s only one model in this series, the Fenix HM50R headlamp is one of our all-time favorites. This mini, rechargeable headlamp can be converted to a handheld torch by removing it from the headband bracket, giving you even more functionality from your light. And the 500 lumen output is just perfect for everyday carry, outdoor sports and emergency backup.

Fenix HP Series Headlamps

If performance is your top concern, the Fenix HP series is your best friend. These professional-grade headlamps feature the brightest and longest running headlamps Fenix makes. From the Fenix HP15UE which uses 4x AA batteries to provide 900 lumens of light to the Fenix HP30R which reaches an incredible 1750 lumens from 2x 18650 batteries, these headlamps are excellent for caving, exploring and hunting as well as professional use.

To handle the increased battery demands of the HP Series, these headlamps all use external battery packs that balance on the back of the headband or on a belt. For longer treks and extended usage, you’ll definitely appreciate this extra attention to comfort and practicality.

Compare Fenix Headlamps

Model Max Brightness Max Throw Distance Dimensions Weight Battery/Charging Waterproof Rating Additional Features
HL12R 400 lm 70 yds L-2.51″xW-1.81″xH-1.47″ 2.58 oz Internal; USB rechargeable IP66 Secondary red output; lockout mode
HL16 70 lm 38 yds L-2.4”xW-1.6”xH-1.5” 1.9 oz 1 x AA IP66 Locking battery cover for use with children
HL26R 450 lm 109 yds L-2.6”xW-1.7”xH-1.5” 3 oz Internal; USB rechargeable IP66 Choice of flood or spotlight; 3 body colors available
HL32R 600 lm 80 yds L-2.51”xW-1.81”xH-1.47” 3.8 oz Internal, USB rechargeable IP66 Secondary red output; lockout mode
HL40R 600 lm 161 yds L-2.68″xW-2.12″xH-1.65″ 4.58 oz Internal; USB rechargeable IP66 Focusable/zoomable beam
HL55 900 lm 126 yds L-3.3”xW-1.8”xH-1.9” 4.1 oz 1x 18650 or 2x CR123A IPX8 Neutral white output
HL60R 950 lm 127 yds L-3.4”W-1.8”xH-2” 4.2 oz 1x 18650 or 2x CR123A; USB rechargeable IPX8 Neutral white output
HM50R 500 lm 87 yds L-2.66”xD-1.30” 2.2 oz 1x 16340 or 1x CR123A; USB rechargeable IP68 Converts to handheld flashlight
HP15UE 900 lm 195 yds L-2.6”xW-2.2”xH-1.4” 5.4 oz 4 x AA IPX6 Battery compartment on back of headband balances weight
HP25R 1000 lm 205 yds L-2.4”xW-2.1”xH-1.4” 6.5 oz 1 x 18650 or 2x CR123A IPX6 Battery compartment on back of headband balances weight; Neutral white and cool white outputs
HP30R 1750 lm 221 yds L-3.03”xW-2.04”xH-1.34” 10.05 oz 2x 18650 or 4x CR123A IP66 External battery compartment balances weight; spot and flood outputs
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