Wednesday, October 28, 2015

THREE New Nitecore Headlamps! The HA20, HC30, and T360

 Take Your Pick Among Three Impressive New Nitecore Headlamps!

The HA20 stands out among the headlamp pack for several reasons. It weighs in at just over two ounces without batteries, and is capable of reaching 300 lumens with the added feature of constant red light or flash. Red light is useful when you want illumination without effecting night-adjusted vision or wildlife. 100 degree beam illumination allows you to see left and right, while the 120 yard beam throw allows you to see past an entire football field. 90 degree light swivel takes care of seeing above and below. In addition to five brightness settings, the headlamp can emit SOS, strobe, and beacon. This one is also great due to its ability to run on AA batteries. You'll always find your power source no matter where your travels take you. It's hard to fit everything this wonderful light has to offer in one paragraph! Visit to find out more.

The HC30 is essentially a headlamp/flashlight hybrid, since the light can be taken off of the headband for hand or pocket carry! It's the best of both worlds in one compact, light as a feather design. The light blasts an impressive 1000 lumens across five outputs, in addition to SOS, strobe, and beacon. Since the light is detachable, it can swivel as far upwards or downwards as you so desire it to, and its 100 degree beam width reaches far to your right and left.

The T360 is unique in that it is extremely compact. 45 lumens of brightness across three brightness outputs are ready to be called upon for anything you wish, for everything from walking to camping to reading. Swivel it 360 degrees or detach it from the headband to clip on your hat, pocket, wrist, shirt, or even hang around your pet's neck. Perhaps best of all, the light is rechargeable via USB port so you will never have to worry about having constant backup batteries.

If you need more information or would liked to see additional specs or purchase any of these great lights, they are all available on! They are sure to go fast so get yours now!