Thursday, August 27, 2015

The S1 Baton- Olight's Smallest Ever Side-Switch LED Search Light

Olight S1 Baton- To Be Taken 
Anywhere with Ease
The illumination experts at Olight bring you the smallest side-switch LED light that they have released to date. This light is so tiny as to fit in the palm of your hand, with no traces of itself when you wrap your fingers around it. Its one ounce weight means it fits comfortably anywhere and is never a nuisance.

The Light Packs a More Powerful Punch Than Lights Ten Times Its Size
There's no way you will get the same level of performance that you do out of the S1 from any household flashlight. You won't believe your eyes to see a maximum brightness of 500 lumens emitting from a light smaller than the size of your finger! Of course, you wouldn't want to look directly into its beam, which reaches an incredible 120 yards. If you're not in need of a blindingly powerful beam, but require something a little more manageable, shall we say, the S1 hears you loud and clear. Toggle down to as low as .5 lumens in Moonlight Mode and go crazy shining it anywhere and everywhere.

Stylish Yet Functional
You haven't seen this attractive of a flashlight in a long time. Cerulean blue accents around the light's head and side-switch make the light pop and offer something more than just boring old black! A magnetic tail cap allows the light to either stand up vertically on flat surfaces, or attach to any magnetic surface with ease. A durable pocket clip attached to the light's exterior enables it to hang from a pocket, waistband, belt, etc. with no fear of slipping. Toggle through all settings of the light with the simplicity of a single side button, and power it with a single CR123A battery, cheap and also available for purchase on our website,

Ideal For Any Activity- Just Use Your Imagination!
Are you a hiker? Like camping? Hunting? Exploring? Caving? Searching? Reading even? Then by all means let the S1 work for you. There are no limits placed on the scenarios of which to use the S1, so just carry it everywhere and take comfort in the fact that it is in your pocket or bag when you require any source of light. There's really no reason to not have an S1, since it is so tiny and unobtrusive. Why take the chance of not having illumination when you need it? Best of all, you will have zero regret associated with your purchase with Olight's included 5 year warranty, serviced in the United States by Longhorn Tactical.