Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Upgrade to Fenix TK75- the TK75 2015 Edition!

Newly Upgraded Fenix TK75!
It's time to replace your previous version of the Fenix TK75 search light with this higher-powered
and more dependable upgrade. Boasting 1100 more lumens than its predecessor, up from 2900 to a blinding 4000, illuminate even more of your surroundings with this impressive light. The throw of the beam distance has improved as well, with the capability of reaching 710 yards, up from 660. This light also comes equipped with FOUR LED bulbs, versus the measly three of its previous version. Also included with the 2015 edition for the first time is a handy shoulder strap for easy access and portability. Just sling it over your shoulder and light it up wherever you go.

Everything You Want From a
Flashlight, Plus Some 
We've already established that the TK75's 4000 lumens are staggeringly bright, but the TK75 has three additional brightness outputs in addition to turbo: low, mid, and high. But that's not all. How many household flashlights do you know that also offer strobe and SOS functions? You think you will never need an SOS signal until you do. Rest easy with the TK75 and know it can get you out of a jam if necessary. Neither rain nor snow can deter this durable light, which meets IPX-8 standards, meaning it is submersible in 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Battery and Voltage Information
One of the coolest features of the TK75 is its battery voltage indicator. You will always know how much power your light has left when you double click the master switch. All four LED bulbs illuminated slightly means you are good to go. Less than that means your batteries are not at full capacity, and should perhaps be charged soon. The TK75 conveniently runs on two battery types, 18650 or CR123A.

Easy and Fun to Operate- You're Gonna Love This Light 
The TK75 comes equipped with a dual button switch which means all its illumination outputs and special functions are no more than a couple clicks away. Your light turns on when the mode switch on the right is compressed for .5 seconds. Cycle through the four brightness levels by pressing the same button while the light is on. Need immediate turbo? Simply press the Function Switch button on the left when your light is on it will immediately illuminate at its highest level. Compress this button for .5 seconds when your light is on to enter into strobe mode. But make sure the TK75 is not pointed directly in anyone's eye-line, because the powerfully blinding light will give them a surprise!