Thursday, August 6, 2015

New from Nitecore- MT10A Multitask Light

The Newest Flashlight in the Multitask Series from Nitecore, the MT10A

We are excited about this light, folks. If you are a flashlight enthusiast or just a fan of getting a great bang for your buck, check out the MT10A. This powerful little light will fit in your hand for maximum convenience and emits a brilliant 920 lumens. You won't believe this unassuming light is as powerful as it is. The beam throw of 185 yards leaves nothing to the imagination. Take this light everywhere with ease and use it outdoors, at work, or wherever else life takes you. 

Stand-Out Features of the MT10A
Besides the obvious impressive lumen and throw output, the MT10A is packed with special functions not available on most mainstream flashlights. Illuminate as much or as little as you prefer with five, yes five levels of brightness. But that's not all. Ever find yourself thinking, "man, it would be cool to have a red light emitting from my flashlight"? Well look no further- the MT10A has a red light function! Of course the modes don't end there. The MT10A also boasts strobe, SOS, and search beacon functions. You can simply hope you aren't ever in a circumstance to require an SOS signal, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry and rest easy knowing you have the ability to signal for help if needed with this sleek light. Its compact size of 4.25 inches and 2.14 ounces can be stowed anywhere.

 Never Fear Running out of Power with the MT10A's Ability to Run on Standard AA Batteries
One very exciting specification of note about the MT10A is its compatibility with any AA battery, which can be found at nearly every corner store around the world. Never fear running out of power; simply pop in another AA battery. If you want optimal performance from your light via a rechargeable battery, have no fear. The MT10A can also run on IMR14500 batteries. You can find these, as well as chargers for them on our site,

Dual Button Step-Up/Step-Down Switch AND Tactical Tail Cap Switch
Turn your light on and off conveniently with a tail cap switch, and alternate among Ultra-Low, Low, Mid, High, Turbo, and red light with the dual switches on the side of the light. The tactical switch on the bottom also provides a momentary-on function when compressed halfway, so you don't have to fumble to turn the light off when you require immediate darkness. Need immediate turbo light? Simply press the step-up switch in conjunction with the tail cap switch. Immediate red light is a piece of cake as well. Hold down the step-down switch in conjunction with the tail cap switch. For the special modes of strobe, SOS, and the location beacon, hold the two side-switches down together to alternate among special modes to select one. Then when you're done simply push one of the step switches to exit to the last brightness used.