Monday, July 13, 2015

Latest Olight Product Release - 3600mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery

Higher Capacity Battery from Olight

Olight as a high quality LED flashlight manufacturer has been around for over ten years. However, they entered the rechargeable battery market only in the past couple of days. Despite their relatively short history, the batteries are receiving great reviews from customers.

Are All 18650 Batteries the Same?

If the flashlight light says it supports 18650 battery, then the battery will work for my flashlight, right? Well, not exactly. The performance, functionality and quality actually varies significantly among different brands and models. In the next few sections we will examine how you decipher the specifications of each battery, and how it impacts the functionality of your flashlight.

Decipher Battery Specification

Capacity (mAh)

Capacity of a battery tells you how much battery juice is stored in the battery. Typically it is measured in the unit of mAh. In general, the higher the number, the longer the device will last. Often, customers ask if higher capacity batteries boost the brightness of their flashlight. The answer is no, but a higher capacity battery makes the flashlight run for a longer time after the charge.

Charging Cycle

Every object has its life span, and a rechargeable battery is no different. After each charge, the capacity of the battery diminishes a bit. High quality rechargeable batteries like Olight 18650 retain their performance, even after many charges, while low quality rechargeable batteries start to lose their capacity quickly after 10 to 20 charges. The specification here tells you you can recharge the battery 500 times while still retaining 90% capacity; not too shabby.

Protect Your Flashlight With A Protected Battery

A protected battery prevents over-discharge or overcharge. When a flashlight drains your battery excessively, the battery and flashlight will become overheated, which may shorten your battery lifespan. In a worse scenario, this may even damage your flashlight. So when you buy a battery, you always want to buy a protected battery.

Should I Buy the Same Brand of Battery for my Flashlight?

The short answer is no. When a device uses an AA battery, you can just put an AA battery inside and it works like a charm. This is because the type of battery standardizes its voltage, size, and shape.
Sometimes the benefits of buying the same brand depends. A 18650 battery situation is a bit more complex. Some 18650 batteries have a flat top as shown at left. Most flashlights require button top batteries to ensure the best contact.To make the answer even longer, the height of the button top is slightly different. To ensure the best performance, we do recommend the same brand 18650 battery for your favorite flashlight for the best compatibility and reliability.

Should I Buy the Highest Capacity Battery Available?

While the higher capacity batteries do deliver longer running times per charge, they do tend to be more pricy than lower capacity batteries. At the end of the day, it is a trade off. Therefore we do stock multiple levels of 18650 batteries.
2600mAh Olight 18650
3400mAh Olight 18650
3600mAh Olight 18650