Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A look at Nitecore TUBE Rechargeable LED keychain light

First Impression:
Looking at this tiny creation, you would never think the Nitecore TUBE Rechargeable light has such power and illumination. But don't judge a book by its cover they say and they are correct. I am amazed at how bright and long lasting the TUBE really is. The convenience of having it in hands reach on my keychain for household and emergency use is comforting. (Think keyhole light or roadside assistance at night) Never having to replace a battery is a major plus!

Power in a small package
TUBE is the world's lightest rechargeable flashlight weighing in at only 0.34 oz and measuring 2.2 x 0.83 inches. 1-45 lumens LED output gives a flawless high performing wide beam.

What it's made of
The TUBE is made up of strong Polycarbonate casing making it durable enough to withstand high impact. Think about it; polycarbonate is what helmets and masks are made of. This mini is made to last and is available in five great colors.  Its stainless steel key ring connector can withstand 77lbs! Not sure when that will come in handy but its good to know unbeatable materials and quality are used and will not fail when you need it most.

Shine bright
The TUBE has a high quality LED bulb with multiple modes that can easily be selected with a touch of your fingertip. Its standard modes are low(1 lumen) and high(45 lumens).  TUBE also comes with Momentary Illumination and Infinitely Variable Brightness(IVB).  Allowing me to choose between 1-45 Lumens in IVB mode is by far my favorite!

Immortality is just a plug away
TUBE uses an integrated high efficiency Li-ion rechargeable battery that provides a maximum runtime of approximately 48 hours per charge. A micro-usb charging port makes it a breeze to multi-use the charging cable from your other electronic devices such as a cell phone or tablet. ('Cuz who really has the memory to lug around multiple chargers... Right?!).  Best of all; TUBE quickly charges in about an hour and you don't have to worry about over-charging since it has a intelligent protective circuit.

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